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Hiking themed stand-up comedy by Luz Pazos. She talks about the perfect first date. Don’t forget to take your boots!

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In previous articles I talked about stars such as Nigel Sylvester, Eric Haze, or Eminem who collaborated with the CASIO brand to launch a G-Shock model. But beyond those who create them, design them or inspire them, there are those who like to wear them.

A G-SHOCK for everyone

If more than 70 million G-Shocks were sold across 100 countries, it is because everyone can find the thing that brings them joy. In 30 years, the watch has known of many variations and developments and knows how to seduce again and again.

The list of stars who wear a G-Shock or a Baby-G is so long that we only had to skim around for examples.

http://atomic811.com/best-g-shock-watch/Side note: you may be thinking of buying a G-Shock for yourself, so for in-depth information on these really cool watches I’ve found the site Atomic811 to be a great resource. They feature this Best G-shock page with a watch for every need. Check them out.

Playing on the big screen

There are many film characters who wear a G-Shock. Because when one spends one’s days racing on a motorcycle or car, or is fighting with some very very bad guys and saves half the planet; the least of things is to have a watch capable to survive all that. The only one watch that is capable is obviously the CASIO G-Shock.

Let’s mention some movies where the famous G-Shock appears:

  • There’s only 24 hours to make incredible and incredibly risky things. When saving, among other things, the United States and the American president, we have no time to lose and no time to be wrong. It’s time Jack Bauer relied on his G-Shock.
  • When Tom Cruise aka Ethan Hunt is on a Mission impossible he always wears a G-Shock.
  • What you gonna do when we come for you? The Bad boys Will Smith and Martin Lawrence arrive singing and will arrive on time thanks to their G-Shock.
  • Brian Taylor played by Jake Gyllenhaal in End of watch is another. Obviously a G-Shock is the best companion of the police officer.
  • Ludacris is a G-Shock fan in Fast and Furious. Style and precision are important for a high-end bandit.
  • Bill Cosby had set the tone a long time ago. When you manage a family as the Huxtables, you cannot leave anything to chance. It is better to have a solid ally.
  • Even vampires and other werewolves from Twilight put themselves in line and wear G-Shocks.
  • Because when one is Speed it is better to have the best watches. Keanu Reeves mast have felt it that morning, the day would be difficult.

Here is a selection of a few images from the movies:

g-shock in movies

GUEST STAR in fiction but also in life

Focus on our favorite stars who like to wear G-SHOCK:

  • Ed Sheeran SINGS with his G-Shock on the wrist.
  • For Riri, choosing is giving up. Then the beautiful Rihanna has kept it.
  • For singer Keisha, the choice is even more complicated. Fortunately the beauty has two arms.
  • Pharell Williams has the Happy air with his two G-Shocks.
  • It rocks for Dwayne Johnson. An indestructible watch for this giant: it’s a match that just makes snese.
  • Regarding Orelsan: after all the Earth is round for one good reason: to watch the 24 hours of its rotation on his G-Shock.
  • Usher and his young stud Justin Bieber posed together with G-Shocks at their wrists.
  • Lady Gaga likes being ultra colorful. She does not see life in pink but in yellow and she found the suitable Baby-G.
  • Kanye West imposes his style and wears it even with a suit.

g-shock and other starsWe could go on like this for much longer, but all good things come to an end…

A small finale down this road? Let’s be crazy! I take this opportunity as I am somewhat of a star on this blog, I present to you the G-Shock review site that I love!


Could The Sinister 6 Be Coming in The Amazing Spider-man 2


on the set of amazing spiderman 2

There has been no shortage of news and rumors coming from the set of The Amazing Spider-man 2.  Director Marc Webb has been tweeting images left and right.  On top of that, casting news continues to spill over the internet PLUS people grabbing footage during production is giving movie geeks tons to read and speculate.

All that said, does anyone else think Mr. Webb and crew are planning on a Sinister 6 movie?  I can’t be the only one thinking this.  While the original S6 included Dr. Octopus, Sandman, Vulture, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Electro, the super villain team did rotate out other members including Lizard and Rhino. We know Lizard is not dead but instead locked up as Dr. Connors.  That’s not to say someone could get him some Lizard serum and he could be back kicking ass.

We know for a fact that Max Dillon/Electro (played by Jamie Fox) is in this movie along with Aleksei Mikhailovich Sytsevich/Rhino (played by Paul Giamatti).  So you team them up with Lizard and you already got three members of the Sinister 6. Marc Webb has tweeted an image of a large nosed guy in a suit entering a Ravencroft room of some sort.  With the size of this guys noise, it’s easy to speculate that he could be Adrian Toomes/Vulture.

Could be a bit of a stretch but still…could be.  Some recent images that Mr. Webb tweeted show a pair of elephant or mastodon tusks golden and a set of saber-tooth tiger teeth.  Could he be dropping hints that Kraven The Hunter will show up? Odds are probably not.  These are probably extravagant items in the OsCorp building but still…it’s a possibility. So with all the teases, one could speculate that Electro, Rhino, Vulture, Lizard and Kraven could be the start of a Sinister 6 movement.

They just need one more person to complete the roster.  Many have commented that perhaps the guy at the end of the first Amazing Spider-man wasn’t Norman Osborn but instead Mysterio.  It even could have been Dr. Otto Octavius who in comics past and in The Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon had worked for OsCorp.

All my theories are just that…theories.  I’m probably looking into this too much.  I’m sure that is what Marc Webb intended to do by tweeting so many photos.  Truth is the studio probably heard so many fanboys cry over the fact that there were to many villains in Spider-man 3.  BUT the recent success The Avengers had with multiple heroes on the screen might be saying something else.

I think as long as the story is good and the action is great, a multi-hero or multi-villain movie can work. Another reason my theory could be way off is due to the Gwen Stacy arc.  Since Shailene Woodley has been cast to play Mary Jane, many think the Death of Gwen Stacy story line will develop as Green Goblin will kill Gwen and MJ will be there for Peter.

It’s really hard to say which story they will go with.  I really enjoyed the first movie and hope the second one turns out just as great if not better.  Guess we’ll see in 2014 when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is scheduled to hit theaters sometime early May.


Bill Hader’s Top 10 SNL Characters on Geek Dip


One of my favorite SNL members of all time, Bill Hader, received a 2012 Emmy Nomination for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy Series.  In light of this news, I thought I’d do a write up of what I feel is Mr. Hader’s top 10 SNL characters of all time.

10.) Brady Trunk.

brady trunk

This character has some of the funniest facial features. Bill and Kristen Wiig play off of each other so well in their Hollywood Dish sketches.  One of the funniest ones was when Scarlett Johansson was hosting.  You know a bit is funny when the cast is even laughing.

brady scarlett

9.) Lyle Round

As host of Secret Word, Bill rocks his 1960s game-show host voice and sounds hilarious. The sketch generally opened with Lyle saying a joke which was insulting his wife. While he wasn’t the focal point of the sketch, he is still awesome.

8.) Dwayne Vogelcheck.

This character doesn’t rock any voices or facial features but Bill always goes all in for the kisses.

7.) Eliot Spitzer
Anyone who watches SNL knows Bill does some awesome impressions. His ability to change his voice to something low pitched like Eliot Spitzer or extremely high pitched like Gizmo is just uncanny. His Eliot Spitzer always puts a smile on my face.

6.) Prince Phillip
Speaking of great impressions, one of my favorites was his cockney-version of Prince Phillip. He nails the accent, lingo and everything.

5.) Keith Morrison
In the few sketches, Bill did an impression of Keith Morrison. This impression always makes me laugh. With his Oh’s and Ah’s and wide eyes, it constantly cracks me up.

4.) Herb Welch
One of Bill’s characters is a 58-year senile, on-the-scene news reporter for WXPD News New York. While the bit is generally the same (microphone hits to the face, fighting with anchorman and fake death at the end) it’s still a funny sketch to watch.

3.) Vinny Vedecci
The Italian, chain-smoking talk-show host is great. Not only does Hader speak Italian, he also does an over the top accent that is excellent.

2.) Greg the Alien
The Game Time sketches are awesome. Hands down, the best one was when Dwayne Johnson was hosting. Bill’s alien screams are so funny. I am also a bit biased as York, PA gets a bit of a shoutout in the sketch below.

1.) Stefon

Of course the most popular is Stefon, Weekend Update’s New York City Correspondent. Every time he is on, the crowd goes ape shit. When you either want to find the hottest clubs or just a family fun spot in NY, Stefon is your man.

Last season was Kristen Wiig’s last season and Andy Samberg announced he was leaving the show as well. I can only assume Hader will return as I haven’t heard anything about him leaving (yet). Him and Fred Armisen will be the reason I still check it out. Bill’s been on the show for seven seasons. I really hope he wins this Emmy as he is the first male SNL cast member to receive this nomination since Eddie Murphy. Congrats and good Luck Mr. Hader.